Building Community Through Gardening
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Forsyth County, GA
Master Gardeners

Learn about the great things happening in Forsyth County

In the last 3 years over 5000 pounds of food have been donated to the local food banks

Volunteers have given 1500 hours to giving the community opportunities to get together and celebrate the natural beauty of Forsyth County.

The plant sale is one of the largest in the state and visitors love this wonderful introduction to Spring.

Join us this year!!!
Become a Master Gardening Friend and Dig In today. Learn a little, help a lot and share your gardening pleasures.

We are in the garden almost every day of the week!
Ok you have gotten your hands dirty and are ready to Dig In a little deeper. Become a Master Gardener or a Master Naturalist.

We are taking reservations for the next Master Gardener Class.

Master Naturalist Class to be announced